The Rincón de Bonanza Recreation Area has been chosen for the presentation of the first Environmental Volunteering Program for Fire Prevention in Orihuela, a joint initiative organised by the Faunatura Association and the Orihuela Council.

The announcement was made by Dámaso Aparicio and Víctor Valverde, councillors for the Environment and Emergencies, accompanied by the representative of Faunatura, Irene Amorós.

The program offers the opportunity to actively collaborate in the surveillance and prevention of forest fires in the municipality, learn about techniques for studying and conserving biodiversity and participation in the restoration and improvement of the municipality’s natural spaces.

The program will run from Friday, August 13 to Thursday, August 19, and candidates must register by email at: Anyone of legal age may participate.

“We will carry out surveillance for the prevention of forest fires, removal of invasive exotic flora, collection of rubbish in the mountains and on the coast as well as scientific bird ringing”, explained Amorós.

Additional activities will include photo-trapping techniques, installation of camera traps; interpretation of tracks and footprints; detection and identification of bats and nocturnal birds of prey; interpretive hiking through natural spaces and cultural visits to learn about the Historical Heritage of Orihuela.