The Generalitat has just put out to tender the award of the private security, surveillance and alarm maintenance services for the Torrevieja University Hospital, and the health centres and clinics in the health authority, for 865,000 euros per year (IVA included) from October 15 of this year.

The contracts will total 2.3 million euros if the two one-year extensions and the upward modifications of the initial budget are included.

It is one of the main external contracts that the regional administration has to arrange if it is to assume direct management of the Torrevieja Health Authority from October 15.

This is the clearest administrative sign that the Ministry of Health is pushing forward with the process of assuming the management of the public service, regardless of the legal interpretations on the sentences that have been pronounced on the legality of the reversion.

On a day-to-day basis, the health centre will need security, especially in the hospital’s A&E and Psychiatry doors, where at least four guards are required, three of them operating for 24 hours a day.

The provision of the surveillance and security service will consist, mainly in the protection of people, facilities, goods and equipment against any criminal activity, as well as assisting in situations of danger or disaster and giving an effective response to unforeseen contingencies such as accidents, fires or other similar occurrences.