Pieris is an attractive and easy to grow full hardy evergreen Spring shrub with the most commonly grown variety Pieris Japonica.

Pieris’ Spring new growth is bright red in colour, which fades into a pink and finally into green, with varieties having long white flowers giving its common name of ‘Lily of the Valley’ bush.

It will provide several months of interest to your garden with attractive flowers. In April-May colour fades, when the lovely flowers appear, usually, but not always, white in colour.

Pieris only essential growing requirement is it needs to be planted in acid soil and if feeding, an ericaceous feed only.

Pieris grow to various sizes and some varieties can be very large, being tolerant of semi-shade and of most garden conditions. The young red growth can be damaged by frost and are best planted out of chilling winds.

Pieris don’t require pruning, but can be pruned in late Spring after flowering, to tidy up branches or spent flowers.

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