• Chief sports editor Andrew Atkinson speaks to Valencia 1st Regional Group 10 Racing San Miguel coach Dani Perèz Williscroft reflecting back on the coronovirus affected 2020-21 season.

DANI Perèz Williscroft was plagued with an unprecedented number of setbacks during the 2020-21 season at Racing San Miguel, that included over 38 injuries.

“The season didn’t start very well with Vazquinho sustaining a serious knee injury pre-season which was a bad start to the campaign,” said Dani.

“It was a funny season with the coronovirus situation that saw fixtures postponed during lockdown.

“Add to that over 38 injuries seeing players sidelined during the stop-start season,” said Dani.

The Valencia 1st Regional Group 10 club faced an unexpected relegation battle, when the FFCV split the top and bottom halves of the league into promotion and relegation groups, due to the fixture turmoil caused by COVID-19.

“Even though it was a tough season, don’t forget that the objective was to stay in the 1st Regional Group 10 from day one. We managed to do that,” reasoned Dani.

“We have to work hard with what we’ve got. Remember we haven’t got the financial clout that some clubs fortunately have.

“Money is tight at the club and we are looking to bring more sponsors on board. If there are interested parties please contact the club.

“Having said that, we are happy with the lads and what they did this season,” said Dani.

News from the club on the Academy front is players are breaking through into the first team squad.

“Gigi and Paco came through from the Academy during the season which was good news – one of the most positive aspects of the year.

“The players got to play plenty of minutes in the first team and proved their capabilities to step up,” added Dani.

Captions: Dani Perèz Williscroft: Objective to stay in 1st Regional G10 achieved.