All expectations have been exceeded with the birth of 13 Kentish Plover chickens in the Municipal Natural Area “Molino del Agua”.

Following the additional conservation measures adopted by the Department of the Environment in Torrevieja there were at least 4 couples building their nests in May, on a stretch of 370 meters of the protected beach / dune complex.

The Kentish plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) is a small bird that regularly nests on beaches. ‘Renaturing such beaches for the plover’ is a pilot and innovative project that was born with the aim of creating a network of beaches to guarantee the conservation of the bird

During the first spawns a total of 9 chicks were born, while in the second spawns there were 4 more chicks. In short, 13 new plovers were born in the Municipal Natural Area “Molino del Agua” during 2021.

According to the Councillor for the Environment “these figures represent a resounding success, and they are clear proof that the conservation of biodiversity in urban and peri-urban environments can be successfully promoted”.