The Department has added 47 workers to the municipal team to intensify the work in high season

The Department of Street Cleaning and RSU has allocated 1,154,462.55 euros to reinforce the street cleaning service during the high season.

In order to ensure the cleaning work is carried out satisfactorily, a total of 47 staff have been allocated to the coast, the city and the districts of Orihuela.

The distribution of the workers is made up of 18 drivers, of whom 12 are assigned to the coast and 6 to the town and districts and 29 labourers of which 17 go to the coastal area and 12 to the town and districts.

The cost of this additional staff for the next 6 months is 180,321.77 euros for labourers and 386,168.4 euros for drivers, a total of € 566,490.17.

The works that will be carried out are cleaning the beaches, reinforcing waste collection, street cleaning, transferring waste to a recovery plant, etc.

The pruning collection service is now supported by an octopus truck contract that provides a morning service from Monday to Friday costing € 49,984, and which will again, reinforce the removal of pruning remains on the coast.

Dámaso Aparicio, councillor for Road Cleaning and RSU, explained that “this summer we have already noticed an increase in visitors, especially in the coastal area, so it is necessary to reinforce the service. In addition, I also want to make an appeal to the public to collaborate with the council so that our streets are cleaner, ensuring that they do not to deposit belongings or other waste objects on public roads. We continue working with the commitment to provide a better service every day”.

The beach support contract is currently in the bidding process, which will involve the employment of 25 beach labourers, 11 for beach cleaning and emptying the bins in the morning, 12 labourers for cleaning the surrounding environment in the morning and 2 labourers assigned to the afternoon, plus a support tractor, with the maximum bid budget of 440,075.56 euros.