“All sexual orientations have a place in our municipality,” said the councillor for Equality, Almudena Baldó, on the occasion of the International Day of LGTBI Pride on Monday as she announced the opening of a new exhibition “Referentes históricos lésbicos” which is being held in the exhibition hall of la Antigua CAM until 11 July.

The purpose of the exhibition is to highlight the sexual orientation of seventeen important women from history whose was previously unknown, such as Victoria Kent, Chavela Vargas and Gabriela Mistral. “With this exhibition we are going to learn a little more about their lives and how they struggled, together with their suffering when they were unable to reveal their sexuality,” explained Almudena Baldó.

Visitors can also see an umbrella display that has been installed using all the colours on the ‘Pride Flag’ on Calle López Pozas along with a total of 9 benches that have been painted throughout the municipality, also with the colours of the LGTBI flag.

The exhibition will move to the Orihuela Costa during the month of September.