By Andrew Atkinson

Los Montesinos council have taken steps to end the use of plastic bags in a bid to help the environment along with promoting local commerce.

“We have launched this campaign of war against plastic,” said Mayor Jose Manuel Butron.

For every five plastic bags you can exchange them for a cloth bag – with the slogan ‘Take me shopping in Los Montesinos’.

“We will exchange plastic bags for cloth bags in an initiative that aims to contribute to caring for the environment and promote local commerce,” said Mayor Butron.

“With this exchange it is intended to get out of circulation plastic bags – the more the better – and instead use fabric. We thank Ferrovial for sponsoring the cloth bags with which we will fight against plastic bags,” added Mayor Butron.

The council will give a cloth bag in exchange for five plastic ones at Los Montesinos Town Hall from 9am-2pm and on Fridays at the market.