Emilio Bascuñana, the mayor of Orihuela, has said that he considers the decision of the Minister of Health not to invite him to a mayoral meeting in Guardamar is pure contempt for the city of Orihuela.

He says that the Minister, Ana Barceló, together with the General Director of Human Resources, Carmen López, “held a meeting on Thursday morning in Guardamar with mayors from the municipalities of the Torrevieja health department to explain the situation relating to the management of health in the region.”

He explained that the entire Oriolano coastline and the Torremendo district, both districts within the Orihuela municipality, belong to the Torrevieja Health department and yet he was not invited to take part in the meeting.

The mayor pointed out that exactly the same thing happened just a week ago with the meeting held by the Generalitat and the Segura Hydrographic Confederation.

Bascuñana has commented that “Once again I have had to find out from the press about very important issues that affect my municipality”.

He says that he is now going to present its formal complaint to the Ministry because “we deserve to be notified in a timely manner of the decisions they are adopting so that we can know what to expect and what plans they have for the people in our municipality.”


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