Two Army parachutists landed in the Mediterranean Sea on Thursday when they were taking part in a military training exercise as part of a Special Operations Course. The incident occurred just after mid day at which time an ambulance was despatched to the sitee by the emergency services..

However military colleagues were first on the scene where they discovered the deceased, 34-year-old Sergeant Rafael Gallart floating face down and unconscious in the water. They took him immediately to the Santa Lucía hospital in Cartagena, but medical staff were unable to save his life.

The second parachutist was pulled from the water but he walked away from the cene without requiring any assistance.

Sgt Gallart was originally from Hellín, in Albacete. He joined the Army in 2008 and had received a White Cross of Military Merit Badge, having been promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2020.

A statement from the Ministry of Defence said he had “given his life for Spain”.

Image: Ministry of Defence