• The Valencian Community is now issuing European Union COVID Digital certificates
  • There are three variants of the certificate, and they can be obtained through the coronavirus portal, the GVA Salud app or the citizenship portal
  • The certificate enable movement across the European Union.

The objective is to function as a ‘travel fast track’ in order to speed up entry and exit procedures between the countries of the Union. Countries can now start issuing and using the crtificate and it will be available in all EU Member States from July 1, 2021.

The technical team, part of the General Directorate of Planning, Technological Efficiency and Patient Care “has made a great effort to make available to Valencians EU COVID Digital Certificates that are valid in all EU countries, in the two co-official languages ​​of the Community and in English”, said Blanca Navarro, deputy director of the general direction of Promotion of the Health.

The certificates will be issued free of charge in electronic or paper version, at the request of the citizen with their SIP card.

They can be obtained from the coronavirus portal, the GVA + Salud App or the patient portal. All of them meet the security criteria required by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. In addition, the possibility of obtaining a certificate in person is also available by requesting an appointment at your health centre.

Certificate types

There are three types of certificate all bearing a QR code, which will contain the essential information and the digital signature that gives it validity.

The COVID Digital Vaccination Certificate allows holders to prove receipt of one or two doses of one of the vaccines against COVID approved by the EU. The validity of this certificate is 365 days after the vaccination date.

There is also a COVID Digital Recovery Certificate that confirms digitally, in the QR code, that the person has recovered from COVID after having confirmed their illness through a positive PCR test. This certificate will be valid from the end of the isolation period, day 11 of the positive PCR test, for  180 days.

When traveling, the holder of the EU Digital COVID Certificate should, in principle, be exempted from restrictions on free movement: Member States should refrain from imposing additional travel restrictions on the holders of an EU Digital COVID Certificate, unless such restrictions are necessary and proportionate to safeguard public health.

However, it is important that all people make sure of the requirements that each country has to travel.


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