The Department of Immigration, led by councillor Almudena Baldó, has announced the start of a campaign to promote registration onto the padrón amongst the immigrant floating population of the municipality.

The situation of these non-registered residents causes, on many occasions, means that they are unable to access many social, health and other benefits to which they would be entitled if registered correctly.

The same occurs with groups from members of the European Union and other third states such as the United Kingdom and even many Spaniards who reside in the municipality without being registered in the register.

Baldó has said that “we have launched this campaign to promote registration in order for these ‘Oriolanos / as’ to register and thus be able to partake in all civic and social health rights. To do this, we are broadcasting a 20-second video, the purpose of which is to direct people to the web address ”.

The campaign uses so-called viral marketing techniques, in order to reach the largest number of people possible enabling “those interested to obtain more detailed information on the website, both on the advantages of registration and the requirements and the way to do it. The information is provided in four languages: Spanish, English, French and German ”, she said.


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