Does commodity trading ring a bell? Well, it if does not, this article will help you understand energy trading with the help of commodity trading. We will also learn the different ways you can take part in the trade.

What Is Commodity Trading?

Commodity trading is when you invest in physical assets that either are raw materials or are products that can be used up by people. To trade these commodities is called commodity trading. The international market today is very keen to take part in commodity trading as it is bringing about great many benefits and capital.

Now you must be wondering, what does energy have to do with commodity trading. The answer is simple; everything!

Energy is also considered a commodity in the world of trade. It is not a small contributor in the commodity trading market but constitutes a large chunk of it. The energy market is very interesting as every aspect of our life is in some way related to energy. The food we eat, clothes we wear, and even the shows we watch are all made possible because of the existence of energy. Therefore it is debatably the most sought after commodity.

What Are The Different Type Of Energy Commodities?

We get energy from many different sources and these sources include the following energy outputs:

  1. Crude Oil

Crude oil is the most commonly used energy resource. It is the rawest form of oil and once reformed can be divided into many other types of energy resources. Moreover, since it is a limited resource it is of great value. If you trade crude oil you are sure to get unimaginable amounts of benefits.

  1. Gasoline

Gasoline is produced from crude oil and holds a great deal of importance. It is mostly used as a fuel for the vehicles. It is treated as a high value commodity.

  1. Coal

Coal is very important for the mass production of steel and power. Since it is a fossil fuel which is non-renewable, it is rendered of great importance. in the international markets, its values only go up.

  1. Natural Gas

Natural gas is also a fossil fuel which is of great use in the production of electric power. Its use is not just limited to large scale industries but is also used in households all over the globe. If you are to trade in natural gas, you don’t have to worry about its demand going down.


Without electricity the world will not be what it is or what it aspires to be. That’s how important electricity is to the human life and then obviously to the trade market.

Energy Trends Observed

If you are interested in the trade of energy you must first understand the trends. Here are some trends you should keep in mind.

  1. Market

Energy is consumed all over the world and that includes countries of all economic conditions. With time the thirld world countries will surely rise up and that will increase the market for energy, increasing its demand. The market will not be impacted more by developed nations but by countries that are inching towards development.

  1. Revolution

Revolution is the fact of the world and is inevitable. With time newer sources of energy will come up that will be more efficient. For instance, we now have electricity run cars. These cars take up electricity which means that the market of electricity automatically increases.

  1. Growth

The world is constantly growing. Growing with the world is the demand of energy resources. When there is a growth in the demand of the energy resources, the value of these resources increases interchangeably. Trading energy resources then will be a great feat.

  1. Development

Industrial revolution is now a common sight. More and more underdeveloped countries are pulling themselves out of their sad fate. Since they are getting more and more developed, they will surely increase the demand for energy as their use will increase expansively.


Energy trading is as simple as the trading of commodities, it is in fact exactly that. The more the demand of a commodity increases the more the value of the commodity increases. However, when it comes to energy, there are several characters at play here that determine the value and price. If you are keen to find out more information, it is a good idea to read up on energy trading as it might push you to invest. Which is, considering the demand, a great decision.