• Arrests for alleged drug trafficking in Alicante and San Miguel de Salinas

Nine people belonging to two criminal gangs, both dedicated to the production and distribution of drugs, have been arrested by the National Police after a confrontation with knives on the beach in San Juan, Alicante, where, according to police sources, the participants started a mass brawl after a failed sale of marijuana.

The investigation began in mid-March, when a 28-year-old man of Spanish nationality was stabbed three times, causing him serious injuries. The victim was taken to a hospital in a high-end car that immediately left the scene, following which the health services alerted the police.

The investigation by the Alicante Violent Crime Group revealed that it was a criminal network made up of two groups dedicated to the production, distribution and sale of narcotic substances, one of them made up of Spaniards and the other of Albanians.

The result of the investigation confirmed that the victim of the stabbing was part of a criminal group dedicated to the purchase and sale of narcotic substances and that during a meeting involving the sale of drugs a fight took place between the two gangs, with two Albanian individuals drawing knives and stabbing a member of the Spanish group. The wounded man managed to flee from his two attackers who were pursuing him with the intention of killing him, according to the authorities.

The investigation shows that an indoor marijuana plantation, made up of 1,200 plants, was dismantled and 2,200 euros in cash and various materials for cultivation were seized.

The arrests took place in the city of Alicante and in San Miguel de Salinas, involving seven men and two women, between 46 and 20 years of age, of Spanish, Albanian, Romanian, Moldovan and Moroccan nationalities. They are charged with crimes of attempted murder, drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal group and withholding evidence.

The detainees were placed at the disposal of the Alicante and Torrevieja Investigating Courts, which ordered two of those charged to be detained in preventive custody.