The concert scheduled to be held on Sunday evening on the Playa Flamenca Esplenade was postponed because of the heavy rain and will now be held on Sunday 30 May at 8pm.

Andrea Casanova will feature in the Orihuela Music Festival “Música en primavera” alongside the Orcelitana Lyrical Union (ULO)

There have now been five concerts organised in the municipality by the Orihuela Department of Culture, in their programme “Música en primavera”.

All of the concerts, which are free of charge, have been well supported, and shame on you if you haven’t ventured out to at least one of them.

However, although there are five down, if we are to include next Sunday in Playa Flamenca, there are still a further nine to go with, all of which will be held on weekends at 8pm, at one of the following four venues: the Auditorium of La Lonja, the Auditorium of San Bartolomé, Teatro Circo Atanasio Die and the Esplanade of Playa Flamenca in Orihuela Costa.

All performances will be free to enter until full capacity is reached and will comply with all pertinent sanitary measures.

All of the concerts are listed on the programme below and one of note that you should be aware of is the concert to be held on 5 June by ACAMDO, the Asociación Cultural de Amigos de la Música y la Danza de Orihuela, entitled “Film music”.

One again it will be held in the open air on the Playa Flamenca Esplanade starting at 8pm.


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