By Andrew Atkinson Exclusive

Thieves managed to steal a car and personal belongings – as a couple were relaxing in their Dona Pepa home during daylight – using a rod and hook.

Michael James Ivers found a discarded bag with ID, leading to him tracking down Maureen Denningberg after the incident.

Speaking to The Leader, Michael said: “After finding a bag that had been thrown into a garden I managed to track the owners down and return it.

“All the money had gone, along with a mobile phone – but their TIE, passport, driving licence and bank cards were scattered over the ground. Thankfully I managed to return them.

“When I spoke to the owner of the bag they told me how the bag went missing – along with a car.

“They were sitting in their home relaxing in the day time. And the intruders managed to go round the side of the house – unseen – and put a rod with a hook through the metal grill and get the bag and car keys.”

Shocked victim Maureen Denningberg will speak to The Leader at a later date.

Caption: Michael James Ivers: returned stolen bag, along with TIE, passport, driving licence and bank cards.



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