• Congratulations sent to entire Corps, especially La Vega-Sur Fire Station Torrevieja on International Firefighters Day

By Andrew Atkinson

Congratulations was sent to the entire Corps, especially to the La Vega-Sur Fire Station in Torrevieja on May 4 –  International Firefighters Day.

“We congratulate all the members of this essential group for their great work and for their courage in each of their interventions. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart,” said a spokesperson from  La Vega-Sur Fire Station in Torrevieja.

“This day was instituted after a proposal was sent by email globally on January 4, 1999, due to the deaths of five firefighters in tragic circumstances in a wildfire in Australia.

“This event takes us to May 1, where Torrevieja suffered a colossal fire in its Laguna Rosa.

“Thanks to their great work, the fire was put out before sunset and could be controlled by these great professionals.

Congratulations to the entire Corps, especially to the La Vega-Sur Fire Station in Torrevieja,” added the spokesperson.

A spokesperson from Ahora Marina Baixa said: “We congratulate the Bomberos to acknowledge and disclose their important role played by firefighters and firefighting organisations around the world.

“The closest we have are the Bomberos Benidorm and Las todas Firefighters; Forestales Bomberos de la Dipu; Bomberos Benissa CBA; and the Bomberos Forestals Generalitat Valencia.”