• They are loved for their globe-shaped summer flowerheads

Agapanthus – commonly called African Lily – are loved for their loose globe-shaped summer flowerheads in shades of blue, lilac and white.

Drought tolerant perennials, Agapanthus are either evergreen or deciduous varieties, the latter much hardier than evergreen varieties which can survive cool winters, when grown in a sheltered spot.

Agapanthus can also cope with salty sea winds, making them the perfect choice for a coastal garden.

Plant in Spring, in well drained soil, in full sun, ideally at the foot of a south-facing wall.

Ideal for container growing, Agapanthus flower better, if their roots are restricted, making an excellent cut flower.

Water regularly for the first year when planted in the garden. Those grown in pots will require more regular watering and will also benefit from an annual feed, such as a liquid tomato feed.

Dead head spent flowerheads after blooming, to encourage more flowers, or leave the flowerheads to collect the seeds. Attractive seed heads are often left on for decoration during the Autumn months. Mulch annually with well-rotted compost, or other organic matter.

Divide congested clumps every four or five years, in the Spring or Autumn after flowering, by lifting and carefully dividing the crown with a sharp spade, making sure each section has at least two growing points.