Are your scales saying OMG?  If you’ve tried virtually everything without success, then call Bev Nash or Fiona Griffiths and see how they can help.

Fiona and Bev were both experienced weight loss consultants in the UK.  They’re fully accredited under Spanish regulations – Bev qualified in 2019 and Fiona in 2020, but coronavirus restrictions put all their plans on hold. Now, however, they’re raring to go.

“Lockdown was crazy for everyone” says Bev.  “Even people who never had weight problems piled on the pounds through boredom and lack of activity.”  Fiona agrees “It’s so easy to slip into bad habits when there’s nothing else to do – then hard to get out of them, plus weight gain on top!”

Bev discovered this diet way back in 1986. She always had issues with her weight and got finally ‘right’ in 2017, but peri-menopause completely de-railed her. Fiona has struggled since her first child was born (now 28).  They’re both honest about this, but say the best consultants are ones who truly understand what you face.

The 1:1 Diet started as a way of helping very overweight people lose weight for operations under strict medical supervision.  It was released to the public in 1984, but ONLY through a network of fully accredited consultants – a principle that remains true to this day.

It offers uniquely personalised plans, using normal food alongside a large range of sweet and savoury meal replacements. Programmes start from as few as 800 calories if you’re in a big hurry – and there’s a plan to suit almost everyone. What makes this so successful is the consultant support. There are no group sessions or public weigh-ins.  You see YOUR consultant and they focus 100% on you.  Your consultant is there to advise, guide, help resolve your issues and make you accountable (to yourself as well as them).  And your consultant is there AFTER you’ve lost the weight too.

“Having 1:1 support is a game-changer.  It’s been proven to increase your chance of long term success.  Quite simply, it’s the only thing that’s ever worked for us.  The products are superb and the consultant gives you the umph to get results! ” said Fiona.

This vibrant 2-woman team wants to turn round the fortunes of distressed dieters from Mojacar to Villaricos, including Turre, Vera, Los Gallardos and Bedar.

Call or whatsapp Bev on +37 711019507 or Fiona on +34 660373103 for more info.

Stay tuned to Spectrum FM for details of their pop-up info events across the area, and mention The Leader to Fiona or Bev to get your special Discount when you start a programme with them.