The vaccination of teachers, at least amongst those who have already had their first vaccination, seems to be having an effect in the classrooms, according to the data on the evolution of the pandemic provided by the Ministry of Education.

Information provided for the last week shows that in the Province’s schools and institutes the positive cases amongst teachers number a dozen, while the infections among the students have risen slightly to about one hundred, 26 more than the previous seven days.

Among the 297,281 students enrolled in school, only 0.03% were infected, 97 students compared to 71 the previous week.

As for teachers, of the 27,694 teachers in the province, active cases account for 0.04%, 12 teachers.

In the Community as a whole, 28 classrooms in 19 schools have been confined, 2 groups in 2 schools have been deconfined and 3 groups of students remain isolated from the previous week, so that the total of confined classrooms last Monday was 31 classrooms in 22 educational centres.


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