The Alicante Civil Guard has arrested six people, three men and three women, in Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz), as alleged perpetrators of a number of crimes, many on the Orihuela Costa, where they were living at the time, against property, as well as, belonging to a criminal group and falsification of documents.

Those arrested had been living on the Oriolano coast in illegally occupied houses, from which they were evicted last March.

One such robbery was the removal of an ATM on the Orihuela Costa on 1 March, with a tow truck and two stolen vehicles.

During their time on the Costa, the three men, allegedly carried out a total of SIX robberies or attempted robberies of ATMs, as well as the theft of seven vehicles and seven crane trucks that they used to attack the ATMs and which they then abandoned, all in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Murcia.

They are said to be part of a clan from Central Europe, well known by different European Security Forces, all with police records. Those investigated were found in several illegally occupied homes in Orihuela Costa, from which they were evicted in March.

They are currently being investigated for a total of thirty-one robberies and two attempted robberies, although the number is estimated to be considerably higher given the intense criminal activity manifested by the group.