María García, PSOE spokesperson in Orihuela, has made public a series of photographs from across the whole of the municipality, the city, the districts, and the coast, showing how many areas have succumbed to the proliferation of plagues of rats and mosquitoes that threatens the health of the general public.

There were images too of the Orihuela industrial estate and it’s current state of abandonment, “with broken fencing, with rubbish, debris and refuse, much of which was left behind by the DANA over 18 months ago.

“It is not possible that the companies in our polygon are forced by the council to live in such conditions which are now also causing the appearance of insect and rodent pests”, she said.

Orihuela PSOE denounces Urban Planning
Orihuela PSOE denounces Urban Planning

She added that resident in many other parts of Orihuela suffer from this same situation. “The councillor and members of the staff from Urban Planning, should step onto the street more often and listen to the complaints”.

She said that the abandonment of these places affects all citizens, and in this case many companies, due to the proliferation of mosquitoes and rats, as well as bad smells and dirt with which it is very difficult to live ”.


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