Downsizing to a new property comes with its challenges. You may have a large house, the children have flown the nest, and you feel it’s time to reduce your living space to a more cosy size. Or, you may be trying to save some cash and reduce mortgage payments or release some capital. Whatever your reason, how can you downsize successfully?

Declutter/make money

Downsizing is an ideal time to rid your home of unwanted items. Clearing out your home is cathartic and can contribute to a positive ‘new start’ feeling. You could take an inventory of the items in every room and decide whether to move, store, throw away or sell.

When decluttering,  you may discover items you forgot you had, don’t be tempted to keep things ‘just in case’,  if you haven’t used it in the last year, bin it! There won’t be room in the new downsized place to store non-essential items.

There may be some things that are sentimental or may be worth money in the future. For these, you could consider storage solutions to keep precious furniture, books, or other precious items safe and secure; you may need to consider storage units vs. storage lockers which both provide good options,  depending on the size and type of items you wish to store.

You could make some money from items that are good quality, but you don’t need. Sites such as eBay, local selling groups, or car boot sales are all ways to make a few dollars from unwanted items. One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure, so it’s well worth the extra effort.


For the items you decide not to discard, sell or store, you could give away as gifts to friends or family members. The action of helping another person in need may be a good option for items that have been well looked after, and you want to be kept in a home.

Electrical appliances aren’t cheap, and donating them to children or grandchildren could solve a problem as well, providing you with the joy that comes from giving and receiving. If you have something that has been passed down through the family, you could keep the tradition going by gifting it to a family member.

Mentally prepare

Although many practical considerations are involved in downsizing, it’s important not to underestimate the emotional upheaval such a move may make. If you are leaving the home you raised your children in; there will understandably a period of adjustment.

The family home holds a plethora of memories, and it’s natural to experience feelings of loss and sadness. You will likely stumble across items such as books, letters, kid’s drawings, old toys, and various other memorabilia that will remind you of happy times or maybe even sad ones.

Preparing yourself emotionally and mentally will help you transition positively and limit feelings of loss. Starting the downsizing process as early and gradual as possible will limit the time spent in an empty and large home.

By staying focused on the positive and exciting aspect of a new start, you can successfully downsize, enjoy your new home and continue to make memories.