By Andrew Atkinson Exclusive

San Javier born womens football star Marta Penalver has played a part in making history in Italy following Città de Falconara winning the womens Serie A.

Spain international Marta’s role at Falconara aided the team to remain undefeated in 18 games, winning 16 and drawing 2, in the regular season.

“Falconara made history in becoming the first team in the womens A Series in not losing a game throughout the season, a proud moment for everyone at the club,” Marta told The Leader.

Marta hoping to visit Las Palmas football clinic in 2021.
Marta hoping to visit Las Palmas football clinic in 2021.

From her school days having been interested in Taekwondo and tennis, Marta went on to join the San Javier soccer school in Murcia.

Career highlights include winning the International womens tournament in Sweden, being her first winner’s medal in 2001-02.

Marta, who spent 11 years at Roldan FSF, also played in the 2014 Futsal World Cup in Antequera and the 2015 World Cup in Guatemala.

Marta is hoping to go to the Las Palmas football clinic this year after being denied visiting last year, due to the coronavirus lockdown.

“This year we can hopefully go to the football clinic, as long as COVID-19 permits.

“Carlos Gutiérrez is the main organizer and we look forward to seeing him and his colleagues once again,” said Marta.


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