By Andrew Atkinson

Atletico de Catral CF first team, sitting in second place heading into the return of fixtures at the weekend, in the FFCV 1st Regional Group 10 in a push for promotion.

“The players returned to the training green on March 1 and they welcomed the news to be back.

“The pre-teens, youngsters, children, cadets and youth teams began, each one in their own time slot and with different coronavirus measures,” said a spokesperson from the club.

Atletico de Catral CF have 11 teams and the spokesperson added: “We awaited all teams with open arms, and with more enthusiasm than ever.

“We thank all the children, family members, and others for following the training guidelines at home during the COVID-19 lockdown and helping during this break.

One of 11 teams at Atletico de Catral CF.

“Also the City Council of Catral, and the sports council, for their collaboration, help and conditioning the outdoor track and the soccer field, to leave it in the best conditions, facing the return.

“On January 21 we had our last training session, ahead of the lockdown, with the players working individually with a work plan drawn up by the coaches.”

Main image: Atletico de Catral CF: second place in FFCV 1st Regional Group 10.


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