Dr. Lucía Galán shares an emotional dedication to the young boy after he won his battle against the disease.

After two years of treatment at the General Hospital, Enzo, a young boy from Alicante, has finally won his battle against leukaemia.

He left hospital on Monday morning when, as a symbolic act, the little boy rang “the bell of life”, which means victory over the disease.

The video of him carrying out the gesture has since gone viral on social networks and in just two days it has already accumulated more than 20,000 “likes” and more than 1,300 shares on Facebook.

As a symbolic act, Enzo rang "the bell of life",
As a symbolic act, Enzo rang “the bell of life”,

The video was shared by the Alicante doctor Lucía Galán , better known as ” Lucía, my pediatrician “, who has written an emotional dedication: “With you we started this journey and with you I want to finish it; I have the need to give you a hug for everything that you have meant to us in this time.” “When I received this video, my eyes filled with tears as I saw little Enzo and his parents closing the most difficult chapter of their lives,” he said.

The doctor also made a special mention of the parents, Sandra and Raúl: “I admire you, congratulations on these wonderful children that you have and let me take you to the best ice cream parlour in Elche to have a giant ice cream, when the situation allows it”.

Lucía Galán also thanked doctors at the General Hospital of Alicante and, especially, the Oncology service: “You do immense work with these children and their families who have to live through the most bitter side of life “.