If you’re an avid gamer, it’s likely you need space in your home for your equipment to live. Creating your very own gaming space not only means that it is separated from the other rooms in your house, but it will also allow you to enjoy the gameplay as much as possible.

Whether you play on games consoles, access games via a computer, or play physical games like pool and darts, there are many ways you can spruce up a room in your house that screams games room. We’ll take a look at how to capture a real games room in your home through interior design below.

Gaming chairs

For those that sit on a games console for hours on end, it’s vital that you are supported properly to ensure you don’t suffer from bad posture. That’s where gaming chairs come in to play as they are specifically designed to provide support while playing on games like FIFA.

Luckily, they can have a positive impact on the aesthetics of your room, since their shape and design instantly create a sense of gaming. Most gaming chairs are also designed with a splash of color which you can use as inspiration for your color theme.


In order for a gaming chair to reach its full potential, a desk is a necessity. That way, you can have your screen and console propped on the desk in front of you and create the perfect viewing angle. This is particularly good when playing games that require attention to detail, like Minecraft, as you will find that having a professional set up will more than likely improve your concentration.

Though, desks are often more suited to solo players so if you’re opting for a larger games room that can host a group of friends, styling your room with a retro sofa and wide screen television can achieve this, as it will create a space where you can play multiplayer console games but also more traditional games, like board games, too.

By doing this, your room also becomes multifunctional – whereas one day, you could sit at your desk and play an intense game of GTA with your friends, another day, you can take a break from clutching onto your games controller and relax on your sofa. In creating this kind of break-out space, it means you can continue with mobile games you enjoy on your phone from the comfort of your sofa, like Tetris or your favorite slot machine.

Online casino comparison site BonusFinder UK said in a post that you can benefit from no deposit spins bonuses on a mobile phone or tablet which means that access to games like online slot machines requires a quick click of the finger, rather than Xbox games which require a long period of concentration while sat at a desk.

This means that by creating a comfortable space with ambient lighting, your games room can tailor to both your Xbox gaming needs whilst continuing to benefit from many casino bonuses. Plus, you can even use your comfortable space in your games room for a movie night too!

Neon LED strip lights

Once you have your furniture in place, thinking about the lighting in your games room can make a huge impact on the room’s environment. After all, it’s likely the lighting in your games room is going to be different to that in your bedroom.

Reason being, games are associated with neon bright lights to give a fun, energetic vibe, whereas a bedroom would require more dim, romantic lighting. This goes to show that lighting is more important than what you might think at first glance. With that, Neon color-changing LED strip lights would go a long way to create an energetic vibe in your games room.

While you could, of course, just pop a desk and chair in a room to create a gaming space, adding functional yet comfortable furniture, a splash of color, and ambient lighting will go a long way to make the space more enjoyable.