The excavation work in grave X at the Municipal Cemetery of Alicante, which is searching for the remains of civilians executed during the Spanish Civil War, has discovered a possible case of a stolen baby, after finding tiny wooden box, prepared for individual burial containing a quantity of stones, without there being any human remains.

The coffin is 12 centimetres high and would correspond to the burial of a child but no human remains have been found inside.

The group carrying out the exhumation has denounced the simulated burial to Court number 1 of Alicante, which it has asked to open proceedings.

The Minister for Democratic Quality, Rosa Pérez Garijo, has said that “unfortunately we have only found remains of the people shot in the post war period of the Franco regime but, as in this case, there is possible evidence of a crime against humanity involving the systematic theft of babies.”

The finding corresponds to a burial carried out between 1963 and 1964.

The exhumation is expected to recover the remains of 11 Republican victims shot in 1940 who are buried in the common grave. The objective is to scientifically recover the remains of the people murdered during the Franco dictatorship so that they can be identified and handed over to their families.