How to stop smoking? Are you struggling with smoking habits? Many smokers have been their wish to stop smoking if it were easy for them. Smoking is hazardous, and it destroys most of the organs of the body. Much of the reported deaths have been through smoking which is one of the preventable deaths. If you are an addict, you can seek medical advice from an expert or a vape shop.

In recent years e-cigarettes or vapes have been used as a stop smoking aid. A vape or e-cigs are less harmful devices that can help you stop smoking for good. There are many benefits of transiting to e-cigs that can help you quit smoking, and here is a mention of a few of the benefits.

Significantly good for your health

There has been a huge misconception and misinformation around the safety of vaping. Many people have seen vaping as being more dangerous than smoking, but that is not the case. Vaping is approximated to be 95% better for your health than smoking. Its effectiveness as an aid to quitting smoking, of which you are more likely to cut down, is the most significant benefit of all. E- liquids in the vapes contain fewer chemicals than cigarette smoke.

The vapes do not contain tar-like tobacco smoke, which stays in the lungs for a more extended period. Those who switch to vaping enjoy some benefits like improved immune function, lower blood pressure, improved sense of taste and smell, easier breathing, and improved lung function in around a month.

Vaping is much easier than smoking

Smoking is very addictive, and you can end up smoking approximately 15 to 20 cigarettes a day. Studies reveal that an average smoker can smoke 11.3 cigarettes per day. Using this data, on average, one can spend around $1800 on cigarettes every year. It can be a bit different in terms of tastes and preferences: the type of cigarette you smoke, where you smoke, where you buy, and many other factors put into consideration.

Comparing to e-cigarettes, they can be a bit expensive for the start since you need to buy some relevant accessories. But in the long-term, you will not be experiencing such expenses; hence it will be cheaper than smoking tobacco. You can quickly get e-liquids at every price point up to less than $1 per 10ml.

Even if you are a heavy vapor, you can consume double the average amount of e-liquid per week, you are still cutting down the yearly costs more than half than when you are smoking.

Vapour does not persist like cigarette smoke

Studies reveal that the vapor exhaled by vapes or e-cigarettes disappears within seconds. Vapour does not compromise the surroundings or suffocate the poorly ventilated areas. For cigarette smoke, it can stay in the air for more than 45 minutes. While looking at the side effects of passive smoking, it allows the tobacco smoke to sink into fabrics and furnishes in the room.

The smoke can also go to the extent of staining on the walls, clothes, curtains, and furniture or smelling tobacco smoke for quite some time. In the case of vapor, it quickly disappears after being exhaled.

Studies reveal that the impact of secondhand smoking continues to be incredibly dangerous to smokers and those surrounding them. Exhaled smoke from tobacco products contains many unknown carcinogens and chemicals. Hence the secondhand smoke is more dangerous since it affects a lot of people.

In children, it can lead to ear, throat, and nose infections, respiratory infections like pneumonia and bronchitis, severe asthma, and even death in infants. It can lead to lung cancer, risk of heart disease, stroke, and other underlining conditions for adults.

On the other hand, vaping is seemed not to have the same risks when inhaling the secondhand vapor. Studies show that vapor disappears so quickly; hence its effects are so negligible. However, medics and professionals advise that you avoid vaping around pregnant women, infants, or small children.

An effective way to help you quit smoking for good

Vapes or e-cigarettes are the most incredible way of helping you to quit smoking. Studies reveal that vaping is twice as effective in aiding to quit smoking as traditional nicotine replacement therapies. There are many reasons why vaping effectively helps smokers quit, and nicotine rush is one reason.

Many smokers try to find something to do when they quit smoking, and vaping gives in just like that. To some, smoking is a social aspect; hence find it difficult when quitting. Vaping allows you to have that continuity in social aspects, limiting the dangerous habit.

In conclusion, smoking is dangerous to your health. It’s very possible to stop smoking if you have decided. You can visit any vape shop near your locality to assist in you this.


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