The councillors of Urbanism in Orihuela and Bigastro, José Aix and Antonio Meseguer, have opened talks as they attempt to resolve the boundary dispute between the two municipalities, a problem that has affected companies and homes for more than 20 years.

The two have agreed that “the exact definition of the municipalities of Orihuela and Bigastro is a necessity, especially in regard to a number of urbanizations where the current border actually runs directly through a number of buildings.

Meseguer said, “the two administrations are working together, to reach an agreement regulating the Bigastro Industrial Park, which involves a number of industries, the Bigastro cemetery, La Pedrera campsite and an area next to the Colín village, a scattered area with some 30 homes that belongs to Orihuela but that is adjacent to the urban area of ​​Bigastro.”

due to the lack of correspondence between the different General Plans and of these with the cadastre, and even with cut lines drawn on existing buildings”.

Orihuela, the fourth largest town in the province has similar disputes with the municipalities of Rafal and San Miguel de Salinas which it hopes also to resolve this year in order to begin processing the modification of the General Urban Plan.