Mojácar extraordinary meeting for planned works in the town

Priority for Mojacar’s General Urban Plan
Priority for Mojacar’s General Urban Plan

Mojácar Council recently held an extraordinary plenary meeting where one of the important points on the agenda was the approval for the construction of the new sewage treatment plant, agreed between the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development along with Bédar, Los Gallardos, Garrucha, Mojácar and Turre Councils.

Other prominent items included the approval to forward Mojácar’s General Urban Plan (part of which covers the town’s energy efficiency) and the contracting documentation for the new Senior Residence and Day Centre’s operating service.

The construction and commissioning of Mojácar’s hydraulic waste treatment infrastructure (EDAR) has been a long-standing demand from the town and its Mayor, Rosmari Cano.  The procedures that should have started in 2007 have not been possible, until the new Andalucían Government placed among its investment priorities the guarantee of appropriate sanitation for Almeria’s Levante towns.

The agreement to ensure good water management with the necessary modern infrastructures is a particularly important step, as it will bring the expansion of this wastewater treatment to an estimated population of 53,800 by 2036 and, update obsolete 25 year-old purification systems. The total estimated amount of the agreed work is 24,189,531 Euros.

The Initial Strategic Document of Mojácar’s General Urban Plan will be available to the public for at least thirty days in the Official Provincial Report and, will be part of Mojácar Council’s bulletin announcements.  This Plan is a means of comprehensive management and general planning throughout Mojácar, providing action proposals for different areas of development, responding to municipal needs.

Part of this, Mojácar’s Residence and Day Centre, had the contracting procedure for management approved at the meeting, along with the specific administrative clauses and technical issues prescriptions governing the contract.

In addition, the subsidised project for Mojácar’s Energy Efficiency Improvements was approved for external lighting, which aims to improve costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and avoid light pollution.  The project has been costed at 656,631 Euros, of which 80% will be financed by the Spanish Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE), 15% by Almería Provincial Council, with the remaining 5% funded by Mojácar Council.