The Orihuela Council announced that it is working with the water company Hidraqua, to finalize a project that will end the historical floods that occur repeatedly during the episodes of rain in the Orihuela Costa area.

Councillor Noguera said that “the project will provide a solution to the problems of historical floods in Orihuela Costa that occur with every episode of heavy rain. It is a project that is divided into four phases. The first one, which will have a budget of € 1.5 million, is currently being finalised for tender so that we can start the work before the summer season”.

Work will begin in the area between the Orihuela Costa resort and La Zenia Beach where the water will be captured prior to it being discharged into the sea.

A tank will fill with water from the rains and when it reaches its maximum capacity, the water will overflow in a controlled way onto the beach until the rain ends.

To reduce the deterioration of the beach, a stone breakwater will be built that will be covered with sand. Sand will also be deposited onto the breakwater and the beach will regain its usual appearance.

Noguera explained that “this action will allow us to redevelop the affected areas, especially along the promenade, from Avenida de la Playa to Calle Colón.”

Once this first phase is completed, three more phases are planned in Calle San Antonio and Doctor Marañón, the area next to Calle del Rocío and another in the valley between Alhambra and C/Unamuno.



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