The Valencian Community is set to announce the locations of its Mass vaccination Centres, the closest of which, for residents of Orihuela Costa and Torrevieja is likely to be Elche, plus 3 further centres in Castellon, Valencia and Alicante.

In view of advice issued over the weekend by doctors in Preventive and Family and Community Medicine, perhaps their distance is no bad thing.

The experts have joined together to recommend that vaccinations are carried out in Primary Care and not in major centres.

The announcement comes following their difficulties in gaining meetings with Minister Ana Barceló where they had hoped to directly express their opinions.

The group says that hospitals or specialist teams would usually carry out the high-risk vaccinations while Primary Care teams undertake the general vaccination campaigns. Now, due to their experience, they should also be responsible for vaccination against Covid-19.

They add that vaccination must be carried out under the protection of a joint strategy between Primary Care and hospitals.

At a meeting between the Society of Preventive Medicine and Family and Community Medicine, it was proposed to continue developing the vaccination strategy based on age, as this is the main risk factor for serious disease and mortality, as well as vaccinating those under 60 years of age with high-risk conditions.

They say that, “vaccinations should be allowed to continue in the present coordinated manner, in those hospital centres where Preventive Medicine services have adequate human resources and in the 13,000 Primary Care teams that exist in Spain.”