Trucker arrested for stealing sweets worth 250k

Trucker arrested
Trucker arrested

The National Police have arrested a 36-year-old truck driver in Callosa de Segura for stealing 12 tons of sweets valued at 250,000 euros. He also stole the truck valued at 70,000 euros but abandoned it in Cox.

The sweets were sold by the driver for 1200 euros.

The driver had only been working for the Alicante company for 8 days when he returned to Alicante from Germany where he had picked up the consignment.

When the driver failed to return to the Elche Business Park with his load the logistics company reported him as missing to the Alicante Judicial Police.

They quickly found the abandoned vehicle and after examining its GPS to check its movements they discovered that it had spent over 2 hours stationary in an Alicante warehouse the previous night. The next morning the chocolate shipment was found in its entirety.

The person in charge of the warehouse was arrested for receiving the stolen merchandise.


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