Cat killers sought in Pinoso
Cat killers sought in Pinoso

Pinoso Council is asking for help from the public in identifying those responsible for the death of a cat which was killed while it was being dragged along the road by a bicycle with a rope tied around its neck.

The crime has been denounced by the Gatets Sense Llar del Pinós collective and condemned by the Mayor Lázaro Azorín, the Department of the Environment, the local government team and the CES Project. All of them have expressed their disgust at the mistreatment of the animal. The mayor has called on the public to help find the perpetrators of the crime.

“Animal abuse is an offence, and this is a particularly horrific act which has caused me consternation and rejection. When the abuse causes the death of the animal under such circumstances, the prison sentence can be as much as 18 months,” he said.

He said that he suspected the death of the cat was caused by a group of children over the weekend.

“I have no words but to ask that justice be done and that these potential abusers be caught.”


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