Orihuela will be present at the 10th China International Flower Expo, manning a display stand that is entitled “Blossoming Chinese dream”.

The Expo will be held on the island of Chongming, Shanghai, from May 21 to July 2, 2021.

Mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, highlighted the importance of “having a pavilion at this fair, being able to talk about Orihuela agriculture, its agri-food sector the opportunity to open markets in the municipality.

Orihuela is the only Spanish city that will be represented at the event, considered in China to be the Olympiad of the sector. In addition to featuring many of the most important Chinese cities, Orihuela will share the venue with Jeju (Korea), Auckland (New Zealand), Zuid Holand (Netherlands), Vanuatu (Fiji), Quebec (Canada), Or Tambo (South Africa), Richmond and Liverpool (Great Britain), Genoa and San Remo (Italy) and Petah Tikva (Israel).

The China Flower EXPO is the largest and most relevant national flower event in China with an area of 10 square km. Orihuela will sit on a 500 square metre open-air garden-pavilion in the Shanghai International City Park. The organisation expects to receive three million visitors during the two week Expo.

The Orihuela stand is being built at no cost to the city council as the construction of the pavilion is carried out by the organisation alongside the designers, who are all professionals from Orihuela.


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