By Andrew Atkinson

Los Montesinos have plans to mirror Vega Baja neighbour town Rojales ‘El Recorral’ after visiting the nature reserve this month.

“We have unique initiatives, in municipalities close to our town Los Montesinos, as in the case of Rojales of great environmental and social value, such as their urban gardens and the recreational area “El Recorral”, said Los Montesinos Mayor Jose Butron.

Mayor Butron and deputy mayor Ana Belèn visited El Recorral at the invitation of Inma Chazarra and Jesus Martínez, who explained their implementation and management first-hand.

Inma Chazarra: A pleasure to share with Los Montesinos, Rojales projects.

“It was a pleasure to share with Los Montesinos our projects and our enthusiasm for conserving and improving natural spaces, the environment and the lives of citizens,” said Inma Chazarra.

Jesus Martínez, said: “It was a pleasure to receive Los Montesinos Mayor and deputy Mayor, to share our projects and initiatives in Rojales with them.”

Ana Belèn said: “We have learned a lot, with the hope of being able to carry out similar projects in our town.”


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