The number of diagnosed cases of coronavirus in the ten municipalities that make up the Torrevieja health authority have fallen by 28% in the last week, according to data provided by the Department of Public Health this Monday which was published on social networks by the mayor of Guardamar, José Luis Sáez.

During the first week of February, “the downward trend in the number of coronavirus cases declared in the Department of Torrevieja” has been confirmed with 912 diagnosed compared to 1,271 the previous week.

During that week, from January 25 to 31, the health area was at it’s limit, even though there had been a small reduction from the week earlier of 1% when the number of cases exceeded 1,280.

However, the decrease in the number of cases does not have an immediate affect on the healthcare pressure, which, although it is falling, is doing so very slowly.

Currently, at the University Hospital of Torrevieja, there are 101 covid patients receiving hospital care.  There are a further four attended by the Home Hospitalisation Unit (HDU), 74 on the wards and 22 in the ICU.

Although the pressure is dropping little by little, especially with the number of patients on the wards, the rooms are still doubled up. Meanwhile the number of critically ill patients continues to fluctuate with most of them requiring a respirator.

On 31 January the hospital reached a peak of care pressure with 140 admitted patients.

In addition to detailing the total number of cases, the figures show how many cases have occurred in his municipality in the last week (69 active cases) and the accumulated incidence: 449 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants.

The reports released by the Ministry of Health no longer include the number of cases for each municipality or their accumulated incidence. Neither do they show the comparisons with previous weeks.

The reaction of some mayors, such as Sáez in Guardamar, has been to provide their residents with the detail immediately they receive the information.


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