As SOS Hostelería take their case to the courts Valencian hoteliers say that they can’t take it anymore.

On Thursday the association presented an appeal against the resolution introduced by the Comunidad on January 19, 2021, “establishing exceptional and additional measures in the area of ​​the Community Valenciana, as a consequence of the worsening of the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19”.

However, in the opinion of the hoteliers, the Generalitat’s resolution “is contrary to the law and seriously damaging to the interests of the hoteliers and restaurateurs as a group.

The Association president, Fidel Molina, said “if the requested precautionary measure is not granted, it will result in serious and harmful consequences for the industry”.

He says that the Minister “has not explained the reasons that lead her to close establishments and to suspend some activities but not others, nor why the worsening of the pandemic justifies the closure of establishments while keeping other non-essential activities open”. According to the lawsuit filed by SOS Hostelería, “these questions highlight the discriminatory and arbitrary criteria contained in the sections of the resolution that are being challenged.”


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