The Mula Council reaches out to the nuns to return the dozens of treasures that they took to Elche

The Councillor for Culture and Historical Heritage of the Murcian town of Mula, Diego Boluda, has said that the General Directorate of Cultural Assets, has taken out sanctioning proceedings against Las Clarisas nuns of Elche for taking with them many dozens of items, said to be of cultural interest, from the Real Monasterio de la Encarnación a la ciudad ilicitana without the required authorization from the General Directorate.

Their actions constitute a serious infringement of Law 4/2007 on Cultural Heritage of the Region of Murcia, for which the penalty exceeds 100,000 euros.

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The nuns took dozens of pieces with them when they were forced to move from their convent in Mula a year ago: an ivory Christ, several sculptures of the Child Jesus (including one by Roque López) and valuable paintings including portraits of King Felipe V and Queen María Luisa from Savoy, as well as many religious-themed canvases.

The mayor of Mula and the Councillor for Culture have met with the sisters on four occasions in Mula with the abbess and in Elche with the mother superior of their new convent where the works are now housed.

Diego Boluda said that he regretted the situation and insisted that “it is necessary to remember that the Mula Council continues to reach out to the nuns so that they can quickly solve the problem and return the pieces to their rightful place.