The Civil Guard has arrested a 45-year-old man for attempted robbery with violence and intimidation, after using a knife to try to rob a shop in Torrevieja.

The shopkeeper managed to overcome the attacker and force him out of the store after he had threatened her with a knife, with the intention of robbing the store.

The attack occurred in the middle of the afternoon when the employee was alone in the shop. A man entered the premises, apparently to buy a can of drink, he then reached over the counter brandishing a kitchen knife.

The woman said that he demanded that she open the cash register and give her all the money. However, she confronted the robber and managed to kick him out of the establishment after a struggle between the two.

The investigation found that the man, who was quickly identified from security cameras, has a long history of fraud, threats and attacks on law enforcement officials.

In fact, a member of the Civil Guard recognised the man who he had recently arrested. The man was at his partner’s home at the time of arrest despite having a restraining order placed upon him.

He is now languishing in the cells at the Torrevieja Guardia barracks.