• Elche Royal Navy Vet comes forward amid Valencian Regional government emergency call in fight against Covid
  • Quote: ‘I’ve helped people who are lost – living here through Covid. It’s about a sense of community. We’re all in this together’.

By Andrew Atkinson Exclusive

Royal Navy veteran, Elche based Andy Rayner, has come forward in helping the cause after The Valencian Regional government put out an emergency shout to all retired healthcare employees interested in helping with support tasks in the fight against Covid-19.

Doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropodists and veterans aged under 70-years, are currently being sought.

Andy Rayner in an exclusive interview with The Leader, said: “I have spoken to certain parties about helping, as an Ex-Navy Vet, at an age and fitness that could be useful.”

Peterborough born Andy, 53, who formerly worked in the Electronic Warfare in the Royal Navy, said: “I’ve also given them my services in translation at the Police and Hospital here in Elche, as we get many English speaking patients and it can be awful for them.

“I can’t sit here doing nothing.”

Andy added: “I have reached out to people who I know, who have connections at the hospital, Police and other organisations to offer my services in what form that would be.

“I think I could help with anything connected with vaccinations, mainly to do with my military background.

“Spain doesn’t allow for non-medically trained people to administer jabs. But I felt that there is more to offer than that, including organisation and analysis of the numbers.

“I am desperate to use my Spanish, combined with my English, to help anyone needing English in such terrible worrying circumstances.

“Elche is not a typical English harbourer of our countrymen, it is not a given that people speak English. So I’ve offered directly through contacts to be of service or comfort, or support for anyone in need.

“In all cases of offers, I have had thanks and gratitude, but still wait for them to develop.

“I have helped people worried, from family members in hospital, or worried about work, making payments, etc., due to Covid. I’ve helped quite a few out.

“We have to do our bit. We want to be part of our communities, and maybe the Spanish haven’t thought about us?

“I’m convinced retired British medical workers, ex-forces here would want to contribute, but don’t know how, or who to contact.

“I’m lucky. I live in a pure Spanish City and my friends include police, surgeons, lawyers, tax inspectors, nurses, teachers, etc., so I can reach out.

“I’ve helped people who are lost – living here through Covid. It’s about a sense of community. We’re all in this together.”


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