By Andrew Atkinson

Valencia 1st Regional Group 10 CD Montesinos supporter, Erling Witzoe, has been caught up in flight cancellations as a result of the coronavirus situation, that has lead to him missing sponsoring a match in February – and the remainder of the season.

“The flights from Gothenburg to Alicante that I had booked are cancelled during February and March/Easter-time,” Erling from Scandinavia told The Leader.

Full Monte supporter Erling, passionately known as the ‘Bell Ringer’ on match days, said: “The first booked flight now is May 21, fingers crossed”.

Erling had sponsored CD Montesinos fixture against CF Sporting de San Fulgencio at The Municipal stadium on February 7, prior to fixtures in the FFCV being cancelled, due to the coronavirus situation.

Live stream to Scandinavia: Monte v CF Popular Orihuela Deportivo in November.

Erling, who lives north of Gothenburg, has watched games, via live streams during the 2020-21 season, said: “Take care and stay safe, until we meet again. Vamos Monte.”