• Partido Independencia Orihuela Costa – Councillor for Health, D José Galiano

Spain is paying a terrible price. More than 50 000 people have died due to the covid-19.

Our only hope is the vaccine and the Government has now implemented a programme with several phases.

Phase One is the vaccination of the most vulnerable.

In this phase several Councillors, mayors and officials have managed to get vaccinated. This has caused an outcry as these people have jumped the queue and prevented more vulnerable people from getting vaccinated.

Many of these councillors have since resigned.

One of the officials who took advantage of his position was the councillor for health in Orihuela, D José Galiano, who is a nurse in the area.

We at PIOC think it is unfair that he used his privileged position and if everybody did it, what could happen? So we demand a public statement admitting that what he did was unfair and a mistake.

Democracy allow us to demand his resignation. In this particular case, he is a good councillor who made a mistake, but in general he is doing a good job and helping to move forward Orihuela.

So we do not think his resignation will serve any purpose and we think he has learned a lesson. Democracy means to be good to other people and not to be harsh.

To be able to pardon people is also part of Democracy.



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