• The pandemic is still rampant in the province of Alicante, which in the last 24 hours has once again exceeded 4,100 reported infections, recording 4,165 new cases.
  • 9,287 new infected and 95 more deaths close the day in the Valencian Community

The data released by the Ministry of Health also add another 40 deaths to the statistics, bringing the total to 1,581 fatalities since the pandemic began. On the positive side, the number of people admitted to hospitals in the province fell slightly compared to Tuesday, with 1,785 hospitalised. Meanwhile, the number of admissions to the ICU rose again to 230 (six more than the previous day).

In the Valencian Community, 9,287 new cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR test or through antigen test have been registered since the last update, which put the total number of positives at 283,258 people.

By province, the distribution of new cases is as follows: 1,295 in Castellón (29,060 in total), 4,165 in Alicante (101,058 in total) and 3,827 in the province of Valencia (153,114 in total). The total number of unassigned

There have also been 95 deaths from coronavirus since the last update, so the total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic is now 4,415 people: 529 in the province of Castellón, 1,581 in Alicante and 2,305 in Valencia.

Valencian hospitals currently have 4,594 people admitted: 467 in the province of Castellón, with 48 patients in ICU; 1,785 in the province of Alicante, 230 of them in the UCI; and 2,342 in the province of Valencia, 346 of them in the ICU.

In addition, since the last update, 7,271 discharges to patients with coronavirus have been registered, so there are now 218,314 people in the Valencian Community who have overcome the disease since the pandemic began. By province, the registrations are distributed as follows: 23,309 in Castellón, 75,134 in Alicante and 119,798 in Valencia, in addition to 73 not assigned.

According to the registered data, there are currently 72,036 active cases, which represents 24.44% of the total positives.

Update of the situation in cae Homes

To date, there are positive cases in 195 residences for the elderly (16 in the province of Castellón, 63 in the province of Alicante and 116 in the province of Valencia), 40 centres of functional diversity (6 in the province of Castellón, 11 in the province of Alicante and 23 in the province of Valencia) and 11 centers for minors (1 in the province of Castellón, 5 in the province of Alicante and 5 in the province of Valencia).

Positive new residents in care homes: 197, New positive workers: 77, Residents who have died: 26

Currently, 61 residences are under the supervision of the ministry of health in the Valencian Community: 5 in the province of Castellón, 24 in the province of Alicante and 32 in the province of Valencia.


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