Save our only Orihuela Costa Councillor

Galiano Resigns
Galiano Resigns

  • José Galiano is an extremely popular councillor among the voters of Orihuela Costa.
  • PSOE and Cambiemos demand resignation of popular councillor

It seems absolute nonsense that the Orihuela opposition, made up of councillors representing PSOE and Cambiemos, advocate throwing away valuable doses of the coronavirus vaccine rather than administer them to an individual who is in the front line of the fight against the virus, just because he is a politician.

But this is the current opposition stance, which perhaps goes some way toward explaining why they are in opposition rather than part of the Orihuela government.

On Thursday, in the January plenary to be held in Orihuela town hall, the municipal opposition groups will ask for the resignation of the Councillor for Health, José Galiano (PP), who was vaccinated against Covid on 6 January without in one of the scheduled groups.

Cambiemos and PSOE say that they are going to present a joint motion in which they will urge the plenary session to vote on the condemnation and resignation of the mayor. However as the deadline for agenda items is passed the inclusion of the motion will have to be approved before entering the debate.

The key vote will be held by the government coalition partners Ciudadanos. In this scenario, Cs will have to either follow the forceful line marked by the national, regional and provincial leadership of the party or distance itself from the motion whilst providing a very good explanation.

However, sources from the Ciudadanos national management point out that when the debate occurs, the resignation of the councillor of health will be requested.

The last week, the party spokesman and Cs leader, José Aix evaded the question saying, “We demand that they assume their responsibilities and that they provide their explanations after which we will make the appropriate decisions.”

At Thursdays plenary the councillor will have to explain why he agreed to be vaccinated when it was not covered in the protocol. He was vaccinated on January 6 at the San Francisco care home.

In statements to Europa Press, Galiano justified his vaccination by claiming that there were excess doses, and before throwing them away the medical staff said that they wanted to use them up

“Those in charge of vaccinating the residents told me that they could vaccinate me; I told them that I was a councillor and not entitled, but they insisted that in my position, being in and out of care homes and medical facilities on a regular basis, I should have the vaccination.”

José Galiano is an extremely popular councillor among the voters of Orihuela Costa. He is an honest and hardworking individual who really does put the welfare of his constituents before those of party politics.  Should the joint motion presented by the opposition be responsible for his resignation I have no doubt whatsoever that, in the long term, it will be Cambiemos and PSOE that suffer the most.

If you feel that Jose Galiano should keep his job, email and make your voice heard.


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