Mojácar Council has, once again, reinforced the cleaning and disinfection programme in local busy areas, because of the sharp rise in Coronavirus in the town and across the Region.

Although there has been a particular focus on cleaning throughout the pandemic to maintain hygiene, the Council has decided to restart the additional steps carried out during the stricter period of confinement, which could well involve assistance again from the Levante Fire Service using its large capacity vehicles.

A Cleaning Service tanker, which can hold 2,500 litres of the disinfectant sodium hypochlorite, is already circulating the areas in the town with high foot traffic such as banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, bus stops and the post office amongst others. From the start of this week access points at these locations, as well as their surrounding areas, are being subject to a regular cleaning schedule.

Fumigation is done with a disinfectant solution of water and bleach (sodium hypochlorite) in a mixture that is harmless to people and animals but works effectively as a decontaminant.  As previously, two operators with manual equipment accompany the tanker to carry out the cleaning and disinfection at the busiest points.

Additionally, Mojácar Council will be maintaining, for the duration of the state of alarm, several supportive health measures to contain and prevent the spread of the virus.  Their Health Department cannot, however, stress enough the need for everyone to wear masks, maintain social distancing, as well as keep to all the restrictions set by the Andalucían Authorities, as these are the most effective measures to prevent contagions.