More than 400 business owners and their employees from across the region gathered in Torrevieja’s Plaza de la Constitución gathered to protest against the closure of bars, restaurants and cafeterias ordered by the Generalitat Valencianalast week, that will last until, at least, 3 February.

They were joined outside the town hall by the Torrevieja mayor, Eduardo Dolón, the Councillor for Commerce and Hospitality, Rosario Martínez, as well as the councillor for Security, Federico Alarcón.

After asking the demonstrators to comply with the necessary protocols the mayor told everyone gathered that they had the full support of the Government team in the extreme situation that they are currently going through. He said that they will continue to be one of the most important sectors in the city.

He also announced that the Torrevieja City Council, has suspended the payment of all municipal fees for tables and chairs by local catering establishments.

Finally, he pleaded with them that for all future gatherings, a number of which are already planned, they request authorisation from the Government sub-delegation in Alicante so that they can be  carried out legally and with all the necessary permits.