• The Town Council Steps Up Its Actions Against Covid

In the face of the latest alarming Covid-19 health developments throughout the Region, the Andalucían Health Service will carry out a population screening of 400 people living in Mojácar on Wednesday, January 20th.

Following a notice already circulated by the Council, the screenings will be carried out in a specially designed mobile unit, which will be located at the town’s football ground.

It is essential, however, that only those that have been randomly selected and contacted through an SMS (not WhatsApp) turn up and, anyone else is asked to refrain from attending as they will not be offered any type of test.

According to the health authorities, 400 Mojaqueros will be invited for these tests, which are of a voluntary nature and, Mojácar Council has also set up a designated query and incident Covid telephone line, given the intense level of calls to the local Health Centre. The lines will be manned from 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Regarding municipal facilities, the sports hall, padel tennis courts and schools of sport, music, dance and Spanish will remain closed to the public, along with the 3rd Age centre.

In addition, the Council will be increasing the cleaning and disinfection service, with a particular focus on all areas with high foot traffic, such as the areas around banks, pharmacies, supermarkets, and bus stops, amongst others.