A 29 year old Tennis player, Camila Giorgi attracted thousands of extra followers on her social networks at Christmas after a Celebratory Card to her supporters showed her posing in red lingerie. Of course the card also included a message of affection but a spokesman for Instagram, who said that her followers had doubled in the week before the holiday, concluded that the reason was probably more to do with the image rather than the wording on the actual card.

A tennis players’ Christmas message for her followers
A tennis players’ Christmas message for her followers

Camila’s world ranking has fallen from 26 to 76 in recent years but as she approaches the end of the sporting career it could well be that thoughts of employment elsewhere was one of the reasons for publishing the card.

I leave you with the report that the Italian is known for her aggressive style of game and her powerful flat groundstrokes. She is considered to be one of the hardest hitters of the ball on the tour.  The very thought makes your eyes water!


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